Booking an appointment at Paper Moon Tattoo Co.



Booking at Paper Moon Tattoo is done quarterly ( every 3 months ) .

It is all done online, through a submission form that is posted here and our social media accounts.

All you will need to do is complete the form .. and then sit back and wait . 


We choose ideas and designs and that we find intriguing, interesting, compelling, and that push our imaginations as artists.  Once we reach a predetermined amount of submissions, we close the books again and start sorting through them.

Submissions are  placed into 2 piles .. a YES pile and a MAYBE pile. 

The YES pile will be designs and ideas we would like to focus our personal styles on .. the MAYBE pile will be where we start when our YES pile is gone.

Unfortunately not everyone will get scheduled.. as we are only 2 artist with a limited amount of time to tattoo. But we  try to get as many of you in as humanly possible !

We only schedule  Half Day  (4  hours  )  and  Full Day (8  hours)  appointments .  

Deposits will be required to hold your  appointment date.

half day ( 4 hrs ) - 100$
fullday ( 8 hrs ) - 200$ 

Deposit amounts are NON-REFUNDABLE and will be applied to the final tattoo price.

If your submission is chosen, you will be sent a PayPal link to submit your deposit.    If you do not make your deposit within 48 hrs of receiving the link, your selected submission will be forfeited.

Once you’re deposit is complete, we will contact you to finalize your appointment time and date.

If  you  would  like  reminders of when booking is opening, please sign up for our newsletter. 

Other ways to get tattooed !!

We understand that not every tattoo is going to take hours to complete...   and we wanted to offer other options for our clients to  get tattooed  by  us  and  not  have  to  wait a  few  months......


Adam  and  Jordan both do walk in tattoos every Thursday from 12 to 6.


Our day usually fills up quickly, so be sure to come early. Walk in days are meant for smaller tattoos that require little to no drawing time. Since there is normally a long wait time, drawings will be restricted and sometimes denied as a walk in. Please message us with any questions.

Doors open at 11:45 and depending on your place in line and what the person in front of you wants tattooed ..  will determine your time slot for the day !  ...

Please Remember:

* No one under 18 years old and you must have a valid government issued photo ID with your birthday to get tattooed.

* * This is FIRST COME , FIRST SERVE ..   We will try our best to get everyone taken care of ... We will NOT hold your place in line with a phone call or email...  you MUST physically be in the building to be scheduled for the day ...

Tattoos will be no larger than 6x6 inches ...and nothing over 2 hrs...    but let’s all try to keep the stuff small .. So everyone has a chance to get something !!!    We will not be starting half sleeves / full backs , etc. ...  

Ex ..  if the 3 people in line  in  front of you want 2 hr tattoos ...  you won’t be getting tattooed .    

If you have an appointment scheduled already ..  keep your appointment.   You will not be permitted to move your scheduled tattoo to a walk in ..   

Have your art ready and in hand ...unless you want a Custom piece, we will work with you to get your ideas put together if  time allows.


One Saturday a month Adam and Jordan will set aside a day to do walk ins that are to large for their Thursdays ..  but not large enough to schedule a half day appointment.

more info on this will be coming soon so please say tuned .