Paper Moon Tattoo Company

 A different approach to the tattoo experience 

125 S Pugh Street

State College PA


Meet the Artists

Adam Zimmer

As co-owner/operator of Paper Moon Tattoo Company, Adam specializes in watercolor, abstract, illustrative color, and black & grey tattoos.

His determination and compassion comes across in every tattoo. By tattooing for almost ten years, Adam strives to have each client leave with confidence and love for every piece he creates.

As seen in his diverse styles, there is no limitation to his talent; for Adam's professionalism and dedication is one of a kind. 

Jordan Haines

As fellow owner/operator of Paper Moon Tattoo Company in State College, Jordan specializes in blackwork, fine line, and illustrative fine arts tattoos.

Earning her bachelor degree in Fine Arts: Drawing and Painting from Pennsylvania State University, Jordan's work is inspired by all forms of art. She strives to have each tattoo convey a sense of beauty and elegance. 

By working along side her mentor, Jordan continues to demonstrate humble and hardworking passion with each piece of art, whether on skin or paper.

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The Staff

Jessie Zimmer - Shop Manager

Sierra Metcalf - Front Desk Receptionist

About Us

Mentor & Apprentice

Adam Zimmer and Jordan Haines have been working together for 3 1/2 years. By working side by side, the two have not only grown as artists, but as people. Their partnership has helped establish a business that strives itself on honesty, hard work, and passion. 

The Company

With a vintage and gallery like appeal, Paper Moon Tattoo Company's artists put their heart and soul into creating an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and embodies the love they have for their craft. 

"That's the thing about tattoos; every one experiences it differently, right down to the pain. No one is the same."  

                                        - Adam Zimmer


Contact Us

The best way to reach us is through our Facebook Page

Paper Moon Tattoo Company

125 South Pugh Street, State College, Pennsylvania 16801, United States

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12:00 pm – 10:00 pm


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